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 At Raincross Financial Partners, we recognize the great responsibility that comes with being your financial planning partner.  With us, you get a disciplined and time-tested investment philosophy, highly principled ethics, and an unparalleled level of care.

Over the past 26 years, we’ve refined our process so that every piece of your financial puzzle fits together in a way that as your life unfolds and your needs evolve, your finances stay in sync with you.

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financial planner
Randy Hord - Founder, RFP Registered Principal RJFS


"Planning Today For Better Tomorrows" isn't just a feel good marketing slogan, it's the path we want for all our clients. We pride ourselves on creating financial strategies that are based on a knowledge of you and your life's evolving needs. Our aim is to lead, coach and work with you to improve your life every day, in every way we can.

Furthermore, it's important that you feel your needs and concerns are heard and acted upon appropriately and that you're confident that your best interest is at the heart of every decision we make.

Our Clients

It’s about the right fit for both of us. I don’t try to be all things to all people, but all things to some people.”

~ Randy Hord

Some come to us for a second opinion, they already have a financial planner but feel they aren’t getting the level of attention and care they deserve. Others are looking for a trusted advisor for the first time in their lives.  Still others may have had a divorce or a loss of a spouse and are worried because they have never before handled the family finances. In other words, no matter what type the situation is that brought you here, we can help.

Value & Services

Cost Structure

Many times, a potential client will ask, “what will it cost to work with me as their financial advisor”? I like to address this question early at our first meeting. I generally work as a fee based advisor, which means you’ll pay a percentage of the assets that I manage. Why? I believe what you pay should be tied to the performance of your investments. I say generally because fee based isn’t an option in some situations, such as college savings plans and teacher 403b retirement accounts.  After understanding your objectives and goals, I will lay out a very clear fee structure and explain which fee structure is in your best interest and why I believe it’s best for your personalized plan of action.

College Savings Plans

What's Your Time Worth

Your time is a precious commodity, so why juggle more tasks than needed?

At some point, most families seek advice from financial, tax, insurance, legal and investment professionals. However, most of these professionals don't come together to collaborate on your behalf. These professionals sell you their products while unaware of the other products you're utilizing elsewhere. This results in having a lot of pieces to a puzzle, but no certainty that these pieces are fitting together in a way that benefits you.

With Raincross Financial Partners, you get a holistic plan with a coordinator for all of the hired professionals in your life. As we collaborate with your other professional services, we'll analyze all your plans to ensure that what's in place is truly working towards achieving your goals.

Price is what you pay.

Value is what you get.

- Warren Buffett -

What's Included

Click on an item below to learn more. Also, in our Added Benefits section, you can read about more valuable perks that we offer our clients that go beyond the services listed below.

Enjoy Reading

Straight to your in-box, receive a single source for your market recaps that are from top industry professionals. We encourage you to get these helpful insights and thought provoking considerations for those financial planning tips that we all can learn from.

Our Process


Our first meeting is where you talk and I listen, and together we decide if it makes sense to move forward, making sure we're a good fit.


After establishing a relationship and your needs are understood, I'll design a financial plan that's geared toward your specific objectives.


I will go over your uniquely designed plan, and answer any questions, so that every decision you make is an informed one.


Your strategy is executed through the financial planning tools available to us by Raymond James, our broker-dealer.


I will actively monitor your accounts, exercising the highest-degree of care and attention in the management of your assets.


I will meet with you semi-annually to review your accounts, also giving us the chance to discuss any new needs or lifestyle changes.

I want to develop the type of relationship with my clients that we will both value over a lifetime.  It’s about a genuine engagement and being an all-around financial resource for my clients.

~ Randy Hord

Experience Independence

in*de*pend*ent [in-di-pen-duh nt]

adjective - 1. Not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction, autonomous; free

Independent Advice

Unlike others, we're not persuaded or given incentives to sell certain products, nor are we limited to providing certain investments. This gives you a greater range of investment options from which to choose.

No Cookie-Cutter Products

Your investment goals are unique from any other of our clients, thus your investment strategies will be equally unique. We are committed to providing tailored investment strategies to every client.

No Sales Pitch

Our job is to be your financial steward, not a salesman. You can trust that your goals dictate our investment strategy for you.

Check Us Out

Want to hear from people who chose Raincross Financial Partners for their financial planning?  Call our office and let us know you’re interested in our Client Reference List. After that, someone from our team will ask you a few qualifying questions before providing you with a list of clients who have agreed to share their experience with you.

Our Story


  • University of Southern California, BA Economics
  • University of Redlands, Master of Business Admin.
  • CA Insurance License #0B35283


  • Board of Directors, Riverside Community Hospital
  • Board of Directors, Old Riverside Foundation
  • Riverside Sport Hall of Fame, Former President
  • Community Connect, Executive Board Member
  • Member of Riverside Chamber of Commerce
  • RCC Tiger Backers, Former President
  • Member of USC Trojan Football Alumni Club

Raymond James is not affiliated with the above organizations and/or charitable causes.


My love of finance started long before any formal education or experience.  My father was one of the founders of the Riverside International Raceway. As a kid, I not only had the pleasure of having a raceway as my own personal playground, but also the opportunity to work on race weekends. This experience of earning and saving money caused me to start thinking about what I was going to do with my savings. 

As I continued to save, my parents suggested I meet with a family friend who was also their financial advisor. After meeting he suggested I invest in the stock of a local fast food restaurant. Why? Two reasons: first because it was a good company to invest in at the time and second it was a place where I would often ride my bike with my friends. He showed me how to find the stock quotes in the newspaper and how to understand them. Every morning it was exciting to check the paper and watch MY stocks go up and down.  I’m pretty sure I only knew that the sports section existed before then. It was that simple, I was hooked and thus started my love of finance.

My more formal path into a career in financial planning was developed after receiving a football scholarship to the University of Southern California where I earned my degree in economics. Furthering my education, I pursued a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. 

I live in Riverside, CA with my wife and two children. Away from the office I enjoy golf, basketball and just about any other sport and tend to spend my weekends on ball fields all around Southern California wherever our kids have games.

If there's one thing I've told friends over the years regarding investing for their kids and grandkids, it is this: use some of their savings to buy them stocks from companies from which the KIDS are interested. Show them how to monitor their investments and you will be amazed how much interest they take in the world of finance. It's an education they won't get from textbooks.

- Randy Hord

Added Benefits

You'll fall in love with the perks providing you with convenience, protection
and a picture of real-time data on your finances.

Goal Planning & Monitoring

This sophisticated software shows you a real-time financial picture, keeping up to date with the daily market changes. It takes into account your specific goals, investment strategy, risk tolerance, spending & saving rates - giving you the probability of achieving your goals.

Fraud Protection

Using a proprietary algorithm to monitor your accounts, EverSafe can keep you protected from financial fraud and unusual activity through an alerting system.

Medicare Assistance

HealthPlanOne helps you navigate the complexities of Medicare by comparing options and finding the most cost-effective plan for you or a loved one, while assuring appropriate coverage for your preferred providers.

Mobile Access

Client Access is a secure website and mobile app that offers you access to all of your Raymond James investment accounts, making the everyday management of your finances more convenient. And, of course our online security keeps your private information safe.

Legacy Planning

EVERPLANS is a tool which enables you to organize all your trusted documents - from family recipes to end-of-life wishes, you can ensure your loved ones have a full understanding of your life wishes.

Account Aggregation

This feature allows you to keep track of ALL your accounts in one place. Imagine the ease of viewing you & your spouses 401(k)s, mortgage, bank, insurance, and credit card accounts on a single site, with one password.

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