Dear School District Employees,

  • What are the fees on your retirement account?
  • Comparatively, are they higher than what you should be paying?
  • What impact might they be having on your overall retirement savings?

It is in your best interest to know the answers to these 3 questions. If you would like help understanding your 403(b) or 457 plan, plan fees and if your selected investments are the right choice for your retirement goals then give us a call.

As a former California school district employee, I myself know first hand that many teachers can find themselves overwhelmed when choosing a retirement plan. It takes a lot of time to research the options and going with others' recommendations can be a time saver. But, unfortunately I've found that this tactic is leaving teachers uninformed on fees and the long-term impact these fees may have on their maturing investments. This is not due to any fault of their own, because 403(b)/457 plans have a reputation for poor investment options, lack of transparency, and even conflicts of interest.

This is why it became my passion to help school district employees get a leg up in understanding their retirement options, so that they can make informed choices with the full knowledge of what is available to them all while saving them time and hopefully some money.

Questions We Hear The Most

Is my pension going to be enough

How can I find out if my current plans has hidden fees

What are my options

Should I really invest in a 403(b), what are the benefits

How do I select a Plan Provider

How do fees impact the amount I have to fund my retirement

Is it worth it to use a Financial Professional

Is it worth it to use a Financial Professional

Our Pledge To You

In a world full of sales agents pitching products and unions endorsing products that serve their best interests at YOUR expense, we at Raincross Financial Partners are committed to putting your interests first, and serve as a true fiduciary.

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